Nicola Flückiger

Inbound Marketing Specialist

I am a digital marketer who is specialized in the inbound marketing landscape. At Stracy, my job is to provide you with a sustainable digital marketing strategy in our increasingly online shifting world. Looking at digital marketing as a holistic and integrated system rather than a stand-alone activity, it is vital to ensure meaningful communication.

Til today, I have created many podcast episodes and blog posts that enabled me to expand my inbound marketing knowledge and experience. I was also able to get to know exciting people from different subject areas. 

I’m the host of the Catch The Zenith Podcast, where I publish content about productivity, learning, business and health. I hold a B.A. degree in business and economics (major in business).

Besides my passion for business, economics, productivity, and health, I like to read, do lots of sports, and continuously test myself with new challenges.

Scope: Content & Digital
Focus: Content & E-Mail Marketing, Podcast & Blog Setup
Education: Economist (B.A., University of Basel)

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